Connoisseurs of dessert, you haven’t lived until you’ve had three leches. The famous Mexican cake is delicious, fluffy, spongy and SO. In addition to churros, flan and sopapillas, it’s just one of many Mexican-inspired desserts to add to your baking spin. Check out our favorite Mexican chicken recipes for more information on the recipe.

A four course meal may include a soup, an appetizer, a main platform and a dessert. There could be a soup, an appetizer, a salad, a main course, and a dessert in a five course meal. Typically a six-course meal contains a snack, a soup, an appetizer, a salad, a main course and a dessert

Sustainable Salmon

Health experts advise us to eat fish for its heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and help to reduce cardiovascular disease risk. Especially salmon is known for being high in omega-3s. If you want to be ecologically conscious, though, you can test how your salmon arrived in your grocery store before you buy it.

“Grass-fed” Beef

If you eat beef items, ecologically, you can’t do any better than grass-fed. Grass-fed means the cattle are raised and fed on pastures, as opposed to in feedlots, where grains and antibiotics are shoveled. Eating too many grains can improve E. Coli in the intestine of a cow, which can often lead to infected meats and fears of public health.